I’ve been using Toodledo as my GTD solution for years. It’s an amazing productivity tool. Even though most people prefer Thing or Omnifocus, none offers powerful web API as well as wide range of notification and syncronization options. Toodledo also have great customer support which is a huge plus too.

Last month, Alfred (The most useful piece of software I’ve ever bought! Thanks, Andrew!) released a new update with included the long-awaited extension feature.

My little extension allow me to quickly add task to my Toodledo inbox. You’ll need toodledo ruby gem for it. Just install the gem with

$ gem install toodledo


$ sudo gem install toodledo

depends on your ruby installation. I use the one that came with my Mac so the first command will do. Then setup your toodledo account for the gem with

$ toodledo setup

Fill in the your Toodledo’s user id and password and you’re good to go. (I assume that you know how to use vi. Feel free to ask me if you don’t.)

To use it with Alfred, create a new shell script extension, fill in the description, choose your keyword (I use “todo”) and use this command

toodledo add {query}

Tick silient mode and enable growl notification in advanced settings and you’re done! However, by default, toodledo will add your new task to your inbox with low priority. If you’re like me and want it to be medium instead you can also use

toodledo add '!medium {query}'

You’ll need to disable all escape option in advanced settings as well. From now on, you can just fire up Alfred, type something like this

todo Finish the new blog post

and the new task will pop into your inbox miraculously! I don’t know what will happen if you don’t have Internet connection though. Just make sure you’re online before using it then ;-). For your convenient, you can just grab my extension here.

Happy productivity!