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Random Alfred Extensions


Random Alfred extensions I made just to kill off boredom. They turned out to be surprisingly useful!

Launch IDLE

Python bundled with Max OSX do have IDLE (Python IDE) but you need to invoke it directly from terminal. Make this command into Alfred extension make life a lot easier.

Translate with Bing

Sometime, I just need a quick English translation of some random text in any language (that Bing recognize) and don’t want to fire up web browser totally for that. This extension translate a message with Bing Translator and display result quickly with Growl notification. Really convenient.

Quickly add new task to Toodledo with Alfred


I’ve been using Toodledo as my GTD solution for years. It’s an amazing productivity tool. Even though most people prefer Thing or Omnifocus, none offers powerful web API as well as wide range of notification and syncronization options. Toodledo also have great customer support which is a huge plus too.

Last month, Alfred (The most useful piece of software I’ve ever bought! Thanks, Andrew!) released a new update with included the long-awaited extension feature.


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